Words in Picture10 - Deer

This yard art is pretty interesting, don't you think?
Unlike in some places, we don't see deer roaming around freely.
This one is found outside the mushroom farm which grew the lingzhi mushroom I posted earlier.
Do you have the answer to the above riddle?


  1. hehe, lovely growth of those plants on the deer. I wonder if its neglected already, as the main purpose for the yellow deer already vanished! But for us it is more beautiful that way! So there is reindeer, there is also blindeer!

  2. We have lots of deer-blinds down here in Texas. Deer hunting is big sport all over the state. Many here in the city have too many deer and are constantly at odds with them tearing up their gardens. We are fortunate not to have a problem in our neighborhood. Rabbits, though, they are another story!

  3. oh no!! corny...but cute! i really like the way the vine is growing around the deer...but i think she needs a little trim... :)