Childhood Photos of Ladybugs

Have you seen these small six-legged monstrous looking creatures in your garden?

When they grow up, they should look like alligators with 2 extra legs, right?
But nature is as such that they become cute little ladybugs instead.

Ladybugs belong to the beetle family.
They have dome-shaped backs and flat undersides.  
Their markings differ considerably though. 

The above ladybug has zig-zag stripes instead of spots.
I usually spot it zig-zagging on my chilli plants.
The first photo above is its childhood photo. 
I must admit there is no resemblance in colour nor in shape whatsoever.

Some ladybugs have no spots at all especially if they have just emerged from their pupae.
Some remain spotless.

A yellow bug is less commonly seen. 
I found them on my mulberry plant feeding on mildew.
For its childhood photo, please refer to the second photo in this post.

This particular bug is a leaf eater as you can see. 
Unlike the others, it is not shiny but hairy instead.
I found this one on my tomato plant weaving patterns on the leaves.

 Ladybugs usually lay their eggs in clusters beneath leaves.

A larva and a pupa.

Different stages of yellow pupae in meditative mode that lasts for 7 days.

A yellow ladybug newly emerges from its pupa.

Empty pupa.

The darker yellow ladybug is a male while the lighter yellow one is a female.
The female kept running away from the camera. 

Ladybugs, I sincerely apologize for the disturbance I must have caused.
You can have your privacy now.


  1. Really good ID post. You are right, they often get confused as pests. So sad. Last few photos are probably rarely seen.LOL

  2. Great photos. We get quite a few lady bugs but I don't think I've ever seen the larvae. Now I'll know what I'm looking for - Thanks.

  3. So wonderful! You've captured the whole life cycle of these beautiful ladybugs!

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    Anyway i have invited you for a game. Check out my blog!

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