Words in Picture 9 - Animal Idioms

Some of these animal shots are rather meaningful.
If you know how these Animal Idioms were derived, do share.

 'Get one's ducks in a row' means to get organized.
These ducks sure know how to queue up, looking very orderly but only for a split second.

Having a 'monkey on one's back' means having a serious problem that stops someone from being successful.
This guy is one of the tourists who offered food to those delighted monkeys.
I hope he does well after the monkey gets off his back.

This last image was taken by hubby.
(I don't think the cow would give me this look.)
Anyway, I find this image very funny and I laugh looking at its facial expression.
There's nothing holy about that look.
'Holy Cow' is used to express strong feelings of astonishment or anger so it might be what was on the cow's mind.

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  1. That cow is really funny, with its tail showing its behind like that! I think the look is the same whatever it feels, some cows look really different. There are cattle near our property, and we have them when we were kids. My niece is very scared of cattle because of its big eyes, she feels like they are always looking at her and will just run and get her! Than man with the monkey, i hope he doesn't get the ebola virus!

  2. That's pretty funny! Great shots!!

  3. ... very nice pictures ... super ...
    LG: Karin

  4. Enjoyed your idioms in photos.

  5. What a cute post! I love the photos!

  6. Great post ~ Awesome shots! ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. fabulous shots, esp the ducks! =)

  8. Fantastic shots to go with the idioms! I can't pick a favorite ... all are so good!

  9. amazing shots!

    amazing composition as well.

    thanks so much for sharing:)

  10. I could google all of these in a heartbeat but I'm bushed. ;-)

    That last shot is hysterical. Great capture of the ducks.