Words in Picture 7 - Watercolour

I have always loved watercolour painting but have have not dedicated time for this hobby.
Lately I found satisfaction in seeing some similarities between paintings and photos.

Is there something that you would like to do but have yet to get around to it?


  1. Omgosh, One, there are so many things I would like to try that I've not gotten around to just yet! Like you, I'm enjoying photography at the moment but someday would love to play with mixed media collage.

  2. I love that first one, it really has a dreamy effect on it, it touches the soul. That 2nd one is full of texture, and very vivid. If only you are in my area, you will be getting a lot of wonderful types of critters and photos. It is just that i cannot get nice close-ups of them.

  3. NICE watercolor SHOTS!! i too, love watercolors...the way they bleed into one another...

    oh yeah...i have a long list of things i'd like to do but haven't gotten around to it yet...and the list keeps getting longer, yikes!