Words in Picture 28 - Types of Rain

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Words in Picture 27 - Cha Cha Cha

Please allow the imagination to go wild.

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Words in Picture 25 - Simply Complicated

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
How true!
I spent quite some time adding photos and quotes to this post and realized I missed the point myself.
So, they were removed.

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Words in Picture 22 - Watercolour Accident

It is easy to create the watercolour effect with the camera.

But it is the accidental ones that are precious for I have no clue how to recreate another one like this.

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Words in Picture 21 - Sharing or Stealing

Look who has been helping itself to Goldee's mobility food that reduces stress on joints.
I'm not sure if you consider the crow stealing or my dog sharing.
Should I be shooing instead of shooting?
Maybe the crow is bringing the food to its elders with arthritic problems.
This mobility food has been effective for Goldee's joint pains.

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Words in Picture 20 - Giving Thanks

There is a symbiotic relationship between the myna and the cattle as both benefits.
The myna devour on the ticks while the cattle gets cleaned.
The myna relies on the cattle to stir out the insects from the grasses and bushes.
The cattle which does not have very good eye sight relies on the bird to alert it of danger.
Isn't nature just beautiful?

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Words in Picture 17 - In the Jungle

This cat does look like a lion cub in the jungle.

Ready to pounce...

Ready to attack...

The cat seem extremely serious compared to my dog who is also in the 'jungle'.

 Oh well, I just love the jungle effect.

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Words in Picture 16 - Golden Leaves

The above are captures of the leaves of my wax jambu tree.
They are always being munched by little green worms.
I used to get rid of these tattered leaves till it dawned on me one day that I was doing more harm than those worms.
The birds enjoy their snack here.
I enjoy the 'Autumn' colours although there are no seasons here.
Nothing really has changed except the mind set.

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Words in Picture 15 - Life After Death

These palm trees have long been dead.
New lives are taking over.

I love these scenes knowing that they are only here temporarily.
Everything seems to be making way for development.


Words in Picture 13 - Broken Wing

 This butterfly could barely balance itself after losing a wing.

It could have just sat there and moan but it went around flapping the remainder of its wings doubly fast instead.

It is probably still thankful with the abundance of cosmos flowers around.

The above is a photo I captured in between 2 trees and below my wooden blind to make a nice frame for my messy looking garden.

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Words in Picture 12 - Purr

I love these quotes and I love these poses.

This kitten was left behinds by its mom (a stray cat) which passed away when it was tiny.
My Mom took care of it and now the kitty is clawing its way into our hearts effortlessly.

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Words in Picture 11 - Duck Race

 Does this look like a duck race to you?

Some ran out of energy and fell to the side while others forged ahead with all their might.

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Words in Picture10 - Deer

This yard art is pretty interesting, don't you think?
Unlike in some places, we don't see deer roaming around freely.
This one is found outside the mushroom farm which grew the lingzhi mushroom I posted earlier.
Do you have the answer to the above riddle?


Words in Picture 9 - Animal Idioms

Some of these animal shots are rather meaningful.
If you know how these Animal Idioms were derived, do share.

 'Get one's ducks in a row' means to get organized.
These ducks sure know how to queue up, looking very orderly but only for a split second.

Having a 'monkey on one's back' means having a serious problem that stops someone from being successful.
This guy is one of the tourists who offered food to those delighted monkeys.
I hope he does well after the monkey gets off his back.

This last image was taken by hubby.
(I don't think the cow would give me this look.)
Anyway, I find this image very funny and I laugh looking at its facial expression.
There's nothing holy about that look.
'Holy Cow' is used to express strong feelings of astonishment or anger so it might be what was on the cow's mind.

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