White Antenna Wasp Moth

There are several kind of yellow banded wasp moth that look very similar to one another.
The one below is called the White Antenna Wasp Moth or Amata nigriceps.

The moth mimics a wasp which is a more formidable insect.
The mimicry provides them protection from predators that are adverse to wasps and allows them to move freely during the day.

The White Antenna Wasp Moth is obviously named as such due to the white tip on its antenna.

It has yellow and black bands on its abdomen, an orange head and a hairy thorax.

This wasp moth has black wings with translucent yellowish spots.
The hind wings are less than half the span of the fore wings and often go unnoticed.

This is just a moth attempting quite unconvincingly to look like a wasp.
A wasp has an extremely small waist.
This one needs to lose some weight!

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This or That Thursday


Common Yellow Grass Butterfly

I've seen a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis, underneath a leaf.
The position was similar to the above.

However, on a closer look, this yellow butterfly is not being born.
It is dying, gripped tightly by a purple spider.

Isn't it strange how similar birth and death is for this butterfly?

Here's a more pleasant image for you to leave this post with.

Have a great week!

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Late Summer Garden

We are seeing less and less of the sunshine these days.
Is Fall approaching?

Jelly Fungi (Gueniniopsis alpinus) with Pichu in the background.

I would be delighted if it is, but the truth is Fall has never arrived and quite unlikely to in the near future.
Lately, it has been raining almost daily, contributing to the fact that we see more and more of the golden fungi than the golden sunshine that we normally take for granted in a tropical country.

Cape Honey Suckle (Tecoma Capensis)

Gardening Gone Wild is having a 'Picture This Photo Contest' with the theme, 'Late Summer Garden'.
With less sunshine than normal and cooler temperature these days, I snapped lots of photos that may be suitable for this theme.

Garden Spider on a Desert Rose

White Hibiscus



Canna Lily at a distance.

Canna Lily closed-up.

The question now is which one should be my entry?
I have decided to go with the first photo.
Thank you.

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Serendipity on 9.9.11

Serendipity is a word that was once voted as the hardest English word to translate.
According to Wikipedia, it means a 'Happy Accident' or a 'Pleasant Surprise'. 
It can even mean 'Coincidence' or 'Synchronicity'.

Below are some of the photos that depicts Serendipity to me.

Compare their poses.
Mammals or reptiles, they crisscross and step on one another.

Talking about Serendipity, have you noted the date today?


Let's see what others' take on Serendipity are with GardenWalkGarden Talk.


Dragonflies - Red and Gold

If there is something that I would post repeatedly on the first of every month in this blog, it would have to be dragonflies.

They are such pretty creatures whom are very willing to pose for me.

If you have not seen the Photo Caption for the week,  come by to Caption - Fall Colors to leave your caption.  Selected captions will be posted next Monday with a link to your respective blogs.

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