Woodworking Wasp

24 Sept 2011 Update
This wasp is actually called a Lesser Banded Hornet 
Normally I spot the orange wasp drinking nectar.
Today I found one working hard on a wooden cable drum.
It appeared to be doing some woodworking.
I'll call this a Woodworking Wasp.

This wasp is scraping wood with its strong jaws.

The wasp rolled the wood pieces it scraped into a ball, sticking them together with saliva.

After quite a few minutes of scraping, it eventually flew away with its precious wooden ball.

The wasp flew around Pichu for a while, probably looking for an ideal spot to build its nest.

Pichu found that to be humorous.
Silly little wasp.

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Bottlebrush Flowers

Callistemon are referred to as Bottlebrush flowers since they resemble bottlebrushes.

This particular bottlebrush tree is attracting many wasps.
The wasp appears to be cleaning up the bristles...

It must be tough cleaning up the bristles. Some areas are very hard to reach.

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Butterfly Farm

These are just some of the moths and butterflies from my garden.
When they are put together in a collage, they remind me of a Butterfly Farm.

No, I don't have a butterfly farm. I guess to have one, I would need a caterpillar farm too. How do you like the idea of a caterpillar farm?
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Yellow Aralia in the Limelight

I grow the Yellow Aralia (Osmoxylum lineare) for its pretty soft folliage.

The flower is a bonus.

In the above photo of my pink lotus flower captured last year, the Yellow Aralia was just a backdrop.
Today it is the Yellow Aralia flower's turn to be in the limelight!

What is it in your garden that is in the limelight today?

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Dragonfly Farm

There are several Butterfly Farms in the country but I have yet to see a Dragonfly Farm.

I may have a mini dragonfly farm in my garden though.
Admission is Free.
Terms & Conditions apply.

By the way, if you enjoy playing the Caption Game, feel free to drop by at Onenezz.

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