Words in Picture 1

They say a picture paints a thousand words.
Here are my attempts to paint a few words on the pictures.
If you don't agree with my interpretations below, feel free to share your views.

After losing one antenna, the snail continues to inch forward.
It stopped to reflect if it was on the right path, made necessary adjustments before proceeding with its journey.
The snail didn't beat itself up for wasted time and wasted effort.
It appeared to be focused.

I watched the video by Matt Cutts on "Try Something New for 30 Days" at The Whimsical Gardener and  decided to launch a series of 'Words in Picture' posts which consist of photos and words.
'Words in Picture' is about the 'messages' I see in the picture.
Some of these 'messages' may be left behind by critters that I meet.
I have been posting photos of critters with messages for the last few years on a haphazard basis.
What's new is that I am now posting 'Words in Picture' on a daily basis for 30 days consecutively.

Is there something new that you would like to try for 30 days?
Watch the video for inspiration.


  1. I watched the TED video and it is a nice idea. It is similar to my Month in Tens posts where I note and picture where I was, or what I was doing each day for a month, then post them in groups of ten. Looks like I should join along again with Month of Tens. Less posting anyway.

  2. I love the detail you captured in these shots. I am not particularly a fan of snails, but I love nature and macro photography. These are beautiful. Well done!

  3. Your snail shots are amazing! So sharp and really beautiful!

  4. Great macros of the snail, lovely.

  5. love the detail in that snail shell

    I've a tutorial on my photography blog you might be interested in One.

  6. Good job! I wish I also have more time in my hands, and not trying hard to earn my keep.

  7. This is a great way to do the 30 day challenge - I love it! And the snail photos are superb! You have an amazing eye for taking great photos!

  8. It's a wonderful interpretation! You've got so much in your garden to photograph...your posts will be interesting for sure!