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More importantly, remember to Repair & Reuse.
Happy Halloween!

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Fill the Frame

Since there are so much happenings in the garden, I have easily filled many frames.

The first image is of a dragonfly on my lemon grass; one of my favourite herb.

The cosmos flowers have attracted many butterflies and I wanted to capture as many as possible in a single frame.
Alas, I managed to fill 3 butterflies in one frame but decided that less is more attractive.

There are many lady beetles too.
The above is dotted while the one below comes with stripes.

Capturing 2 lady beetles in one frame is definitely a delight!
I am glad that their family planning is about increasing their population.
They live dangerous lifestyles with booby traps surrounding them.
A lady beetle flew right into the web below but wriggled and escaped.

The spider was visibly upset though.

Back to filling frames for the contest.
Would flowers without critters be better choices?

Your input is much appreciated.



After putting in much thought, the garden web is the one that really fills the frame...to the brim, in fact.
So, I shall select the spider with the cobweb as my entry for Picture This Photo Contest in Gardening Gone Wild.

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I have been observing ducks.
It is true that birds of the same feather do flock together...usually, as shown in the photo below.
The brown ducks remind me of Autumn, whilst the white ones; Winter.

The 3 ducks below are very good friends and stick to one another all the time although they are not of the same coloured feathers.

There are always exceptions to the rule.
This trio got to represent the tropics if there are Autumn and Winter in the first photo.

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Quotography - Autumn


Repose In Pictures

There are several meanings of Repose which I have taken from 'The Free Dictionary'.
Pictures are 'supposed' to represent the meanings of Repose.




' lie in a horizontal position'

'lie dead'


'lie while being supported by something'


Little trust can be 'reposed' in Clifford.

Let's take a look on other's take on 'Repose' at Garden Walk Garden Talk.

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