What Lady Bug Drinks

Have you ever wondered what the lady bug drinks?

This particular one is drinking nectar from a longan flower.

(Dimorcarpus longan)


Red Dragonfly

Below are photos of a red dragonfly at my willow tree and pandan leaves.

Camera Critters


Weekend Reflections

This is the reflection I saw behind the sales office in Setia Ecopark.
I thought it was a pretty sight but wonder how many have noticed due to its not so prominent location.

Dying Beauty

This dying Zinnia caught my attention.
With death, there is no prevention.
However, we can choose peace before expiration,
& grace while still in action.

- the unenlightened One

Blogging from Bolivia


Yellows in the Garden

Here are some of the yellow flowers and yellow insects in the garden.

A little black Praying Mantis preying for food on a yellow Cosmos flower.

Another yellow Sunflower about to bloom.

2 Common Yellow Butterflies mating.
I missed the time they were dating.

Yellow Dill flowers bolting.

Yellow Zinnia flowers

An Eggfly among yellow Cosmos.

A fly on dill flowers.

It's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on the 15th of each month at May Dreams Garden.


Camera Critters


Watery Wasp

This paper wasp was stuck in a puddle of water.

I usually do not interfere with a bug's life but this one appeared to desperately need help.

I felt the right thing to do was to break the 'water bag' at its abdomen to lighten its burden.

As it crawled, it was able to get rid of the excess water on its own.
Do you hear a big sigh of relief?

Linking up with Watery Wednesday.



I took this photo with a point and shoot camera a very long time ago.
It's about time to link up with Weekend Reflections.
I got the idea of taking such a photo from Rosie's blog.