White Antenna Wasp Moth

There are several kind of yellow banded wasp moth that look very similar to one another.
The one below is called the White Antenna Wasp Moth or Amata nigriceps.

The moth mimics a wasp which is a more formidable insect.
The mimicry provides them protection from predators that are adverse to wasps and allows them to move freely during the day.

The White Antenna Wasp Moth is obviously named as such due to the white tip on its antenna.

It has yellow and black bands on its abdomen, an orange head and a hairy thorax.

This wasp moth has black wings with translucent yellowish spots.
The hind wings are less than half the span of the fore wings and often go unnoticed.

This is just a moth attempting quite unconvincingly to look like a wasp.
A wasp has an extremely small waist.
This one needs to lose some weight!

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  1. Wow! I have never come across a moth like this one. Excellent photos! With the kind of photos you take One, I won't be surprised if you've managed to put this one on a diet!;)

  2. These are very nice pictures with the little insects ...
    LG: Karin

  3. These are all so vibrant and wonderful!

  4. Such beautiful photos and an interesting narrative to go along with them. The moth is beautiful

  5. great macros of the moth. Interesting insect.

  6. wow, that is a beautiful creature!

  7. I've never seen a moth like this. Your photos are amazing! So clear and sharp!

  8. That's really neat! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Never seen a moth like that before. So well captured against the yellow flower.

  10. What an unusual looking wasp--great capture. Mickie :)

  11. I've just taken a photo of this one resting on the drying clothes, i didn't know they are called that.

  12. don't think I want to be stung by a wasp. A 10 year old student was crying really loud. He was stung.

  13. i've never seen that white antenna wasp!! your pictures are perfect...it's a beautiful wasp!
    he looks like he's getting ready for halloween!