Unidentified Flying Objects

I have some photos of Unidentified Flying Objects.


I don't know if all the above flies but they were all on high level.

The blue insect was found pushing the dead dragonfly.

This is the only object I am able to identify; an exoskeleton of a grasshopper.
If you have the names to any of the above, I'll most deeply appreciate them.


  1. These are really cool looking bug pics. And they look like the cool kind of ones you want in your garden:)

  2. No idea what they are called. I have seen the fifth one before, may have seen the rest, really can't tell! Your garden must be very comfy for these little bugs!

  3. O O,I'm coming here to your blog to learn. I'm so sorry I can't help you as they are all 'bugs' to me :(

    Actually, their's is a colourful world!

  4. I love your pretty photos, but sadly I do not know what type of insects these are. Maybe you can ask readers to create new names for them ;-)

  5. Rohrerbot, I think they are colorful and beautiful but I don't know if they are cool or not. For all you know, they could be sucking the life out of my plants.

    Kitchen Flavours, I'm sure you'll know the difference between cream cake, butter cake, sponge cake... Who cares about bugs! :)

    Autumn Belle, You are good with names of plants. Poor bugs. They have been neglected although they are very pretty and colourful. Tell me I'm nuts.

    Noelle, That is a good suggestion.

  6. I can know for sure that the black ant is chatting with a treehopper.

  7. You are really funny ONE, we can go a long way. I laughed again at these posts, i always see fun in them, and you have wonderful shots, very vivid, very observant. I only know that the hard winged types like the first photo is a beetle, or more scientifically called coleopterans. But the soft winged ones i dont know. What i am sure is they are all insects because they have six legs, otherwise of 8, then they are spiders or if 10, they are octupus. hahaha! Nothing here is octupus! I love the way you present them, confronting another or eating another insect. The 2nd photo i haven't seen yet, the rest i am familiar with. I really appreciate your compositions.

  8. Therea are not many blogs about insects, even less with their names, but looking at the pictures if one has seen them before, with a book or two of reference one could try.

    The second picture. It could be a Umbonia spinosa, or Treehopper. Membracidae.

    I found similar ones, but prettier on my Calliandra haemathocephalla. Hundreds of them from one day to the next.

    The thing about insects is that not being an authority, one has to observe them, most are not beneficial to plants. Many eat each other.

    Until then.

  9. Rainfield61, Thank you for identifying the treehopper.

    Andrea, So it is Coleopterans. It is quite a mouthful. May be I'll just call it Cleopatra? Don't worry, I won't be posting any octopus.

    Antigonum Cajan, That green insect is also a tree hopper? Treehopper comes in many colours. You found hundreds of them?!!! That is interesting!
    I think you are right that most of them may not be beneficial for plants.

  10. Beautiful images!
    The first one looks stunning what an amazing color.
    What is the in the fifth photo? Is it a rhinoceros looking ant? bettle?

  11. Beautiful photos! The first one could be some sort of lady beetle. What a beautiful color it is!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. The beetle in the first photo shows up in my garden too but no idea what it's called. I think the blue insect (pushing the dragonfly) is some kind of wasp.
    Sorry I can't provide any names but it was definitely interesting seeing the inhabitants of your garden :)

  13. such a wonderful series of critters!

  14. Wonderful blog and great photography.

  15. Great blog, truly amazing photos