The Birds and the Bees

This is a post about the birds and the bees without the birds and the bees.

Wedding photo of Common Grass Yellow Butterflies.
Left : Male
Right : Female

Orange butterflies holding on to a 'wedding bouquet'.

White Antenna Wasp Moths dating amongst wild flowers.

The moths drew a heart discreetly under a leave...perhaps using their white antennae.

The moths tied the knot.
Top : Male
Bottom : Female

Yellow Ladybugs
Bright Yellow : Male
Pale Yellow : Female

Snails are hermaphrodites.

A grasshopper nymph was found near my hibiscus flower buds. 
Could the parents be in My Nice Garden ?

Another pair of blue butterflies were found in the garden of Andrea of This Lifetime.


  1. Love is in the air and your garden is like the Paris Ritz Hotel of Bugs World. Must recommend this place to Andrea. Her blue butterflies can come here for a weekend rendezvous. I thought snails don't do that. That's a cute baby grasshopper and yeah, the parents could be in my garden. Hahahaha....now I'm so happy but very jealous!

  2. Autumn Belle, Believe it or not, the original title for this post when it was still under draft was, 'Love is in the Air'. What do you think snails do? Haha! Thank you for attending the wedding. Now that I'm taking care of your grasshopper, you can foster the caterpillars.

  3. You have a very lucky pair of eyes to find all these "sexy" scenes.

    Good work!!!

  4. Thanks for the invite One - yeah there certainly has been a little love in the air over the past day or so in the little blog community we are part of. I love your shots and I've never seen a grasshopper nymph before. Your garden certainly seems to be the place to be and those moths are just as colourful as a butterfly.

  5. The breaking news has been announced via MNG Blogcasting Network.

  6. Wonderful photos of our beloved winged friends. Really love the first shot of the White Antennae Moths. Lovely and all the birds and bees are most likely doing it too ... somewhere else. ;>)

  7. Really great photos.This is a must see. Is this a NEW blog? I like it.

  8. Congratulations, many take pictures, nice or not, but it is not enough..You create a rare pleasant flow that I appreciate, considering my garden is in an asphalt/concrete urban salty environment....

  9. Rainfield61, I am not as lucky as you think. These shots were taken over a long period of time.

    Rosie, Thank you for attending the wedding ceremony.

    Autumn Belle, Saw the breaking news at MNG!!! (Took me a while to figure out; My Nice Garden)

    Carol, Saw the comment you left at MNG about large creatures eyeing our privacy. Haha!

    Donna, Thank you! Glad you made it to the wedding!

    Antigonum, Glad you like the flow. It's about linking the 'subjects'.

  10. Their master bedroom is right in our garden! ~bangchik

  11. Fabulous photos! Feel free to link this post to my Creature Feature meme published today!

  12. Wonderful evidence that your gardens are thriving! You're providing good homes for these little guys. :-D

  13. How sweet! A paradise garden for a romantic honeymoon getaway! Wow, your photos are fantastic, seriously, really beautiful! Great job!

  14. Bangchik, It is all right if their master bedroom is in our garden. Preferably they don't choose our garden as their dining room too.

    Grower Jim, Thanks for the invitation. I have linked up to Creature Feature.

    Kris, The bugs are thriving. Not too sure about my garden.

    Kitchen Flavours, Thanks. Taking shots like that is a whole lot easier than cooking. :)

  15. One, hahaha, thanks for the invitation as i've always been not very diligent in posting, same way with attending social functions. Maybe i will be on time for the wedding of the daughters. Kidding aside, your post and photos are awesome! I haven't seen the lady bugs of that color here. Now i feel like continuing the trend of what AB, you and I just started posting. I love the conversations we have been exchanging via the comments, and it is really fun!

  16. Quite the shot! Utterly beguiled by the White Antenna Wasp Moths.
    Wonderful garden visitors to allow you to capture their intimate moments.

  17. Thank you for pointing out this to me. I did miss the link when I first saw your blog. You really do take fantastic photos of our wonderful earth world.

  18. What an unusual wedding invitations! Nevertheless fascinating creatures and you captured them in their state of estascy beautifully! Haha..congrats to you as a Tuan Rumah to the great weddings!

  19. Should we prepare wedding gifts? Thanks for the pictures!

  20. I came here via Autumn Belle's blog. Loved going through the pictures! Great captures!!

  21. That was fun. Thanks for the invite Autumn Belle and thanks for the great wedding pictures One.

  22. I remember the risque photo that Autumnn Belle posted of grasshoppers mating and yes, this grasshopper could very well be the offspring of that lively couple. Ha Ha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I very much enjoyed my visit here. I think you take terrific photos.

  23. Wonderful
    thank you for sharing

  24. I am always surprised by God! He has so much beauty and lets us discover it!