Weeds Loving Creatures

This is not the usual bright coloured butterfly. 
Nevertheless, I think it looks pretty sipping nectar from a pink wild flower.

Dear friends, 
Thank you for coming by today. 
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I have decided to weed out one of my blogs. 
Tropical Nature Photos will be posted in ONENEZZ in the future.
Kindly follow Onenezz if you are interested to view such photos.
Thank you for following this blog.


  1. Love the picture. Butterfly is one of my favourite theme.

    Spider web is the other one. I always need to find a reference point which is approximately in the same distance between me and the web in the surrounding in order to keep focus on the web.


  2. Lovely picture!
    So sad to hear you will end this blog. But great to know you will still post on onenezz. Looking forward to see all there.

  3. Beautiful butterfly! :)

  4. I am sure it is difficult to manage 3, in fact mine is only one and i cant seem to handle it on time. Besides, commenting to others so they will come takes a long time to finish esp when my computer is not connecting fast. Hummm. I am not able to often this, but i am a regular follower of ONE, you know that, even if you dont comment to mine i will still visit your blog, hehe. That's what friends are for! BTW (i had difficultry figuring out Wrt), you love animals more than plants, in my case i cannot judge my preference, maybe the same level. They are uncomparable.

  5. Excellent crisp shot to the beautiful butterfly, we just need to smell those beautiful flowers.