Dragonflies in Setia Alam Part 2

Dragonflies are a very ancient order of insects and fossils exist from more than 300 million years ago.

Dragonflies are active and aggressive carnivores, both as adults and as young preying mostly on other insects.

Dragonflies come in many different colours and patterns. 
Male dragonflies are usually more colourful and attractive whereas the female has duller colours.

The adults have massively large eyes and may each contain as many as 30 000 individual lenses!

This last photo is dedicated to Bangchik. 
From the dragonfly's side-view, you can see that it is merely doing a balancing act. 
Definitely not a weight lifter :)


  1. I have never seen the first 2 before. They look like tiger stripes. I wish they come to my gardne too.

  2. Those are some great photos!
    the yellow one sure pops out.

    ps: Thank you for the comment on my blog

  3. I have wildlife in my garden, but by the time I get the camera it has flown or crawled away. You have the knack obviously.