Late Summer Garden

We are seeing less and less of the sunshine these days.
Is Fall approaching?

Jelly Fungi (Gueniniopsis alpinus) with Pichu in the background.

I would be delighted if it is, but the truth is Fall has never arrived and quite unlikely to in the near future.
Lately, it has been raining almost daily, contributing to the fact that we see more and more of the golden fungi than the golden sunshine that we normally take for granted in a tropical country.

Cape Honey Suckle (Tecoma Capensis)

Gardening Gone Wild is having a 'Picture This Photo Contest' with the theme, 'Late Summer Garden'.
With less sunshine than normal and cooler temperature these days, I snapped lots of photos that may be suitable for this theme.

Garden Spider on a Desert Rose

White Hibiscus



Canna Lily at a distance.

Canna Lily closed-up.

The question now is which one should be my entry?
I have decided to go with the first photo.
Thank you.

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  1. Hi!
    Great snapshots! I like the Damselfly the best. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. Good question! Love them all...but those dragon fly ones are gorgeous!

  3. Very nice series ... successful macro-shots .....
    LG: Karin

  4. I'd definitely be going the damselfly(even though I never knew there was such a thing!I assumed it was a dragonfly until I read your description)fantastic capture-so clear, and what crisp and vivid colours.

  5. These are wonderful photographs!
    I especially love the damselfly.

    Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  6. All wonderful. Anyone could be a winner, but my favorite is the Jelly Fungi.

  7. Oh my goodness, the damsel and dragonflies are amazing. I have never seen such brilliant colors. We do have brightly colored specimens, but not all of those colors on the same one! Your photography is amazing!

  8. Wonderful details in these nature photos.

    Happy MM

  9. I really like the last photo and the one with the little spider. Yes, fall is descending here too, first with cooler days and just a bit of rain. No glorious colors yet, but there really isn't much in the garden anymore. The end of the summer was so bloody hot that plants just burned away. We have damselflies here, but not nearly as colorful as the one in you photos. Ours don't have the red.

  10. Nice. Good choice. Just a bit of hibiscus.

  11. That canna lily close up is awesome. What a good capture of the dew drops.

  12. All are nice but my faves are the Damsel Fly and the Dragon fly, in that order. Very Nice work!!


  13. I'm blow away with your beautiful photo! And echoing everyone here, the damselfly and dragonfly are so stunning! The colors on them are so rare and unique.

  14. It looks like you really are very damp there, that's why dragon and damselflies abound. I haven't seen that color before, very beautiful. I also love your last shot, you really leveled-up so wonderfully. Now i am envious of that last shot, which i haven't done yet!

  15. Great shots, they are amazing :)

  16. These are gorgeous! So many incredible details! Visiting from The Creative Exchange.

    If you enjoy linkups, feel free to come over and join in my Favorite Photo of the Week Contest

  17. awesome shots! my favorite is the damselfly!!!!! AND the last one...the dew on the canna. good luck with your entry!! :)

  18. I want to paint damselflies! so beautiful!