A Wasp's Meal Interfered by an Ant

Below is a series of photos of a wasp having a meal.

Note that the wasp is on the underside of a hibiscus leaf.

A black ant is approaching the scene bravely.

What is the black ant thinking?
Trying to be a hero?
 Or could it be waiting for some leftover?
The wasp flew off with its meal.

I have seen a black ant protecting the mealy bugs by attacking the dragonflies.
Each time a dragonfly rest on the twig where the mealy bugs are, the ant would chase it away.

This is because ants farm mealy bugs for their secretions.
They may be small but fierce.
Any idea why the black ant approached the wasp that was having a meal?

I want to take this opportunity to wish Bom of Plant Chaser a Happy Belated Birthday and also Happy 1st Blogiversary!
Bom has requested that a post be prepared for this auspicious day.
The post must feature a genus that is listed on his site.
Little would he expect me to post on what I see underside the Hibiscus leaf.
I hope Bom like surprises!
Happy Birthday!
The red  hibiscus flower above is for you!

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  1. The aunt must be an insect of "very little brain," in Winnie the Pooh's words. Great photos.

  2. That WAS a brave ant! I try to stay away from wasps. :))

  3. Those ants are courageous.

  4. Thanks One! I added your linky to the official list.

    This is definitely an unusual post. You are right that I didn't expect the underside of a hibiscus to be featured. LOL! Love it! Your ant is very brave or it has too much bravado.

  5. The nice story of a brave ant... This blog is very interesting as well! :)

  6. Great story, nicely captured.

  7. Wow! Fantastic photos! Truly beautiful, as always!
    Tea, sugar with no cream, please! Teh-O lah!

  8. ...eine fantastische Fotoserie...super....
    LG: Karin

  9. Great shots! I particularly like the one with the dragonfly.

  10. So this is how it all started . . .

  11. Wow - cool ant shots!

  12. BRAVE little ant!! and VERY cool shots!!

  13. Wonderful shots... I think silly, lil' ant! =) No idea why it approached the wasp.

  14. Great series! If I were the ant I would back away. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

  15. Know little of ants and wasps but fascinating to see the wasp roll the leaf scraping. Is it really going to eat it rather than use it in making a nest?