Watery Wasp

This paper wasp was stuck in a puddle of water.

I usually do not interfere with a bug's life but this one appeared to desperately need help.

I felt the right thing to do was to break the 'water bag' at its abdomen to lighten its burden.

As it crawled, it was able to get rid of the excess water on its own.
Do you hear a big sigh of relief?

Linking up with Watery Wednesday.


  1. Not everyone will be able to spot a sight like this one...a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!!

    Looking forward to all your WW posts!

  2. you did good helping this wasp.:p
    terrific series!

  3. you show something new to us. Love that. Great shots ot the event.

  4. Fabulous captures!
    Hope it doesn't bite!
    Thanks for sharing;o)
    Hope you are having a nice and happy week!